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Ride with the Mighty Photons

Suppose you have finished a project and want to get the final output with Octane Render. When you press the magic "Render" icon, what do you think is going on in the background? How does Octane work? We want to talk about it briefly, for those who still have a sense of curiosity.

When you start Render, first, all the data on the scene is collected and sent to the Octane Core Engine. The CPU and the Core Plugin are playing a major role here. Yes, CPU. It's still responsible for some things in Octane. A CPU with a good performance shortens the scene export time and compilation process (especially "compilation"). After the scene data in Octane Core Engine is processed, the compilation process starts (that's why we see "preparing" in the bottom left corner). Once this is done, the GPU goes in and the "image sampling" starts. According to the Render settings and GPU specs, we see FINAL output after the sampling is finished. The following diagram illustrates the process.


假设您已经完成了一个项目,并希望使用Octane Render获得最终输出。当您按下魔术的“渲染”图标时,您认为背景发生了什么?Octane如何工作?对于那些仍然有好奇心的人,我们想简单地谈一谈。

启动渲染时,首先,将收集场景中的所有数据并将其发送到Octane Core Engine CPU和核心插件在这里起着主要作用。是的,CPU。它仍然负责Octane中的某些事情。具有良好性能的CPU可以缩短场景导出时间和编译过程(尤其是“编译”)。在处理了Octane Core Engine中的场景数据之后,便开始了编译过程(这就是为什么我们在左下角看到“正在准备”的原因)。完成此操作后,GPU进入并且“图像采样”开始。根据渲染设置和GPU规范,采样完成后我们将看到FINAL输出。下图说明了该过程。


"Why do I care?" or "How does it affect me?". You can ask such questions. We will have to make a few statements.

First of all, if you are seeing that scary and endless "preparing" process in heavy scenes for a long time, then you are in trouble. So obviously your scene definitely needs an optimization.

Let us give you a general idea: if there is any "calculation" in the background before the render, this will adversely affect both the scene export and the compilation process. In addition, any object that does not make a difference in appearance, but contains unnecessarily much polygons will extend the scene export and compilation. For example, if you need 4 segments to manipulate the cube object, it does not make much sense to increase it. In short, all 3D renderers loves optimized scenes, real polygons and absolute data (baked data) during rendering. If you have a calculation process happening in your scene at any time (for example Cinema 4D's Delay Effector) you should reduce it to a minimum or Bake it. This is a golden rule. And unfortunately Cinema 4D has a bad reputation in this matter. Especially if you are using some of the Mograph tools, particles, dynamics, cloth etc., the effect is very obvious.

Before you do the final render, do not leave anything unnecessary things in your scene. A very sloppy and messed up scenes are always a problem, it does not matter if you have the best software in the world. Optimization is inevitable. Even in the simplest scene, make always optimization.

Now suppose you optimize your scene and see the effect on Octane. First of all, scene export speed will be increased (CPU and Plugin will be responsible for this process) and the compilation time will be shortened. Here is the CPU performance comes into play. The difference between an old-fashioned CPU and the new one will be reflected in the scene export and compilation time (not the render time, please do not confuse it).

The relationship between GPU, Image sampling and Final render depends entirely on the performance of your graphics card. The more powerful and the more GPUs you have, the shorter the image sampling takes, so you get a quick render.

Finally, we would like to mention that the number of PCI lanes in the CPU does not make a difference in GPU renderers. You can read very useful information about this topic from the link below.




让我们给您一个大致的想法:如果在渲染之前背景中存在任何“计算”,那么这将不利地影响场景导出和编译过程。此外,任何外观上没有差异但包含不必要的多边形的对象都将扩展场景的导出和编译。例如,如果您需要4个段来操作多维数据集对象,则增加它没有多大意义。简而言之,所有3D渲染器都喜欢在渲染过程中优化场景,真实多边形和绝对数据(烘焙数据)。如果您随时都有场景中发生的计算过程(例如Cinema 4DDelay Effector),则应将其减少到最小或烘焙。这是一个黄金法则。不幸的是,Cinema 4D在这件事上声誉不佳。特别是如果您使用某些Mograph工具,粒子,动力学,布料等,效果将非常明显。








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