01.Teddy bear (泰迪熊)
Teddy bear, nod your head.
Teddy bear, wave your hands.
Teddy bear, turn around.
Teddy bear, bend down low.
Teddy bear, touch your toe.
Teddy bear, twist your waist.
Teddy bear, dance with me!

02.Good Morning (早上好)
Good morning! Birds!
Good morning! Bees!
Good morning! Butterflies!
Good morning! Grass!
Good morning! Flowers!
Good morning to you!
Good morning to me!

03.New clothes (新衣服)
Blue hat.
Yellow T-shirt.
Green trousers.
Red shoes.
Orange bag.
Where is the rainbow?
I look like a rainbow.

04.Go Fishing (去钓鱼)
One, two, three!
I catch three fish.
Four, five, six!
I catch six fish.
Seven, eight, nine!
I catch nine fish.

05.I can count (我会数数)
How many bears?
Three bears.
How many ducks?
Five ducks.
How many dogs?
Eight dogs.
I can count!"

06.Happy New Year (新年快乐)
New dress.
Nice dinner.
Red packet.
Happy New Year!

07.The Lantern Festival (元宵节)
Look! Look!
Fish lantern!
Rabbit lantern!
Dragon lantern!
Sheep lantern!
Chick lantern!

08.Big and Small (大和小)
The watermelon is big.
The orange is small.
The elephant is big.
The ant is small.
The cake is big.
The candy is small.
I have big eyes!

09.Fat and thin (胖和瘦)
My father is fat.
My mother is thin.
This boy is fat.
That girl is thin.
Nick is fat.
Kitty is thin.
I'm thin.

10.long and Short (长和短)
The train is long.
The car is short.
The snake is long.
The earthworm is short.
The branch is long.
The leaf is short.
I have long hair!

11.Ear song (耳朵歌)
Her ears are long.
His ears are short.
His ears cover the face.
He has pointy ears.
He has round ears.
He has sharp ears.
I can sing an Ears Song!

12.Dream job (梦想的工作)
What's your dream job?

13.Vegetables (蔬菜)
I like carrots.
I like tomatoes.
I like onions.
I like potatoes.
I like cabbages.
I like pumpkins.
I like peas."

14.Blue ocean (蓝色海洋)
I see a dolphin.
I see a whale.
I see an octopus.
I see a crab.
I see a starfish.
I see a sea turtle.
I love the colorful ocean!

15.Cities (城市)
Follow me! Go!
I'm in Sydney.
I'm in Toronto.
I'm in Paris.
I'm in London.
I'm in Seoul.
I'm in Beijing.

16.Toys (玩具总动员)
I have a teddy bear.
I have a car.
I have a balloon.
I have a kite.
I have a water gun.
I have a ball.
We can share our toys.

17.Emotions (情绪王国)
It's a small world.
It's a world of laughter.
It's a world of tears.
It's a world of fears.
It's a world of hopes.
It's a world of love.
There is so much we can share.

18.Weather (天气)
It's windy.
I close the window.
It's rainy.
I take the clothes inside.
It's sunny.
I play with my friends outside.
We have a great time!

19.Rainy day (下雨天)
It's raining.
We need umbrella.
It's raining.
We need raincoat.
It's raining.
We need rain boots.
We can go outside!

20.Colorful seasons (多彩的季节)
Do you find the seasons?
It is spring.
It is summer.
It is autumn.
It is winter.
What is your favorite season?
I love summer.

21.Hot summer (夏天好热)
The sunshine is strong.
I wear my sunglasses.
I wear my sunhat.
It's too hot in summer.
I have a fan.
I have an electric fan.
I have an air conditioner.

22.In winter (冬天)
Winter is coming.
I put on my hat.
I put on my gloves.
I put on my scarf.
I put on my cotton shoes.
I put on my mask.
I feel warm now!

23.Day and Night (白天与黑夜)
She likes the sun.
He likes the moon.
She likes the stars.
He likes the night.
I like the day.
I can play!

24.Draw a picture (画画)
I draw the sky.
I draw the trees.
I draw the cloud.
I draw the sun.
I draw the river.
I draw the wind.
I draw a picture of nature.

25.A picture (一幅画)
I paint a picture.
I love it very much.
I put it on the wall.
I put it on the door.
I put it on the window.
I put it on the wardrobe.
I will paint more pictures!

26.Jimmy is hungry(小吉米饿了)
Mom! Mom! I am hungry.
I want a hamburger.
I want sausages.
I want cakes.
I want cookies.
I want ice creams.
Now I am full.

27.Little Judy (小朱迪)
It's 7 o'clock.
Little Judy should have breakfast.
It's 12 o'clock.
Little Judy should have lunch.
It's 6 o'clock in the afternoon.
Little Judy should have dinner.
Little Judy has a regular habit.

28.Tableware (餐具)
It's dinner time!
I need a plate.
I need a bowl.
I need a knife.
I need a spoon.
I need a fork.
I need chopsticks.

29.Time for a bath (洗澡啦)
Ted is dirty.
It's time for a bath.
Ted likes water.
Ted likes bubbles.
Ted likes yellow duck.
Ted likes playing in the water.
Ted smells good.

30.Bedtime (该睡觉了)
It's bedtime.
Go to bed, Tim.
No, mom.
Mon reads a story for Tim.
Dad puts Tim to his bed.
Good night, Tim.
Tim is having a nice dream!

31.Help (救命)
Help! Help!
I can help you. Little rabbit!
Help! Help!
I can help you. Little chick!
Help! Help!
I can help you. Little cat!
We can help you. Kind horse!

32.Sports meet (运动会)
What can you do?
I can run.
What can you do?
I can skip.
What can you do?
I can swim.
I can skate.

33.Robot Roy (机器人罗伊)
I have a robot.
It can walk.
It can talk.
It can clean.
It can cook.
It can spin.
We all love it.

34.I can walk (我会走路)
Birds can fly.
Fish can swim.
Horses can run.
Insects can crawl.
Rabbits can jump.
What can I do?
I can walk.

35.Monster Castle (怪兽城堡)
It is a big castle.
He is ugly.
He can jump.
He can fly.
He eats glass.
He eats cans.
What a terrible monster!

36.My pet (我的宠物)
I have a pet.
A little dog.
He needs a bone.
He needs a dish.
He needs a bed.
He needs a collar.
He likes new home very much.

37.Shoes (鞋子)
Rainy days! We need rain boots!
Hot days! We need sandals!
We need shoes for running!
We need shoes for swimming!
We need shoes for skating!
We need shoes for dancing!
Mom likes to wear high heels!

38.Birthday gift (生日礼物)
Lily gets a dress.
Lily gets a doll.
Lily gets a hairpin.
Lily gets a cup.
Lily gets some flowers.
Lily gets a piece of chocolate.
Lily is happy.

39.Fruit party (水果大聚会)
Wow! What a big fruit basket!
Lily takes an apple.
Susan takes a pear.
Ted takes a peach.
Tom takes a banana.
Lisa takes an orange.
Now everyone gets a kind of fruit.

40.My family (我的家庭)
This is my father.
That is my grandfather.
This is my mother.
That is my grandmother.
This is my brother.
That is my sister.
This is me.

41.Shapes (形状)
They are circles.
They are triangles.
They are squares.
They are rectangles.
They are ovals.
Can you find hearts?
They are hearts.

42.My schoolbag (我的书包)
There is a pencil box.
There is a notebook.
There are books.
There are pencils.
There are rulers.
There are erasers.
There is a pen.

43.Traffic light (交通灯)
The light is red now.
I can't pass the crossing.
The light is green now.
I can pass the crossing.
The light is yellow now.
I should wait a moment.
Pay attention to the traffic light!

44.I get it (我明白了)
Wash your hands before meals.
I get it!
Brush your teeth before go to bed.
I get it!
Share with your friends in school.
I get it!
I can do it!

45.Clean my room (房间打扫干净)
Toys are everywhere.
I put them into the box.
Clothes are everywhere.
I put them into the case.
I find some rubbish on the floor.
I put them into the dustbin.
It's tidy mow.

46.Little pilot (小小飞行员)
A little pilot.
Fly a little plane.
I am going up.
I am going down.
I am going round and round.
Like a bird in the sky!
I am dizzy.

47.Merry Christmas(圣诞快乐)
We decorate trees.
We write cards.
We dance together.
We sing together.
We eat turkey.
We are waiting for the Santa Claus.
Merry Christmas!

48.My mother (我的妈妈)
This is a picture of my mom.
Sha has big eyes.
She has small mouth.
She has long black hair.
She has sweet smile.
She is thin.
She is a fashionable mom.

49.Shopping (购物)
Dad wants to buy a watch.
Mom wants to buy a wallet.
Little brother wants to buy toys.
I want to buy a pair of shoes.
Where can I buy my shoes?
Oh! Just over there!
I put on my shoes.

50.No,Thanks (不要了谢谢)
Would you like a cup of tea?
Yes, please.
Would you like a can of cola?
Yes, please.
Would you like a glass of orange juice?
No, thanks.
I would like a glass of milk.

51.We Walk together (我们一起走过去
How do you go to school?
I go to school by bus.
I go to school by bike.
I go to school by car.
I go to school by subway.
How do you go to the school dining hall?
We walk together!

52.Animal farm (动物农场)
Rooster, rooster, what do you see?
I see a big cow looking at me.
Big cow, big cow, what do you see?
I see a fat pig looking at me.
Fat pig, fat pig, what do you see?
I see a white sheep looking at me.
Happy animals, Happy farm!

53.What are you doing (你在做什么)
What are you doing? Lovely bird!
I'm singing.
What are you doing? Busy bees!
We are painting.
What are you doing? Little leaves!
We are dancing with the wind.
I'm enjoying the beautiful nature!

54.Weekend (周末)
Where are you going?
I'm going to the park.
I'm going to the cinema.
I'm going to the shop.
I'm going to the bookstore.
I'm going to the supermarket.
I'm going to the restaurant.

55.Ball games (球类运动)
There are many people playing sports.
He is playing basketball.
He is playing soccer.
They are playing badminton.
She is playing table tennis.
They are playing tennis.
Wow! So many ball games!

56.Music party (音乐派对)
Welcome to music party!
She will play the piano.
He will play the guitar.
She will play the violin.
She will play the accordion.
He will play the drum.
I will sing a song.

57.I am the king (森林之王)
Who will be the king?
I'm the king.
"Yes." The kangaroo said.
"Yes." The fox said.
"Yes." The zebra said.
"Yes." The giraffe said.
"Thank you." The lion said.

58.Go to the zoo (去动物园)
We went to the zoo.
The birds were there.
The bears were there.
The tiger was there.
The monkey was there.
Where were pandas?
Oh! They were eating bamboos.

59.Where is your bag, Elsa
Is it in the drawer?
Is it on the bed?
Is it on the chair?
Is it on the sofa?
Is it in the car?
Where is my bag?
Oh! It's under my bed.

60.A seed (一颗种子)
I'm a seed.
Am I a sprout?
No, I'm still growing.
Am I a tree?
No, I have no trunks, no leaves.
Am I a flower?
Yes, I'm a flower.