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Note that our support does not include assistance with regard to programming, scripting or plugins. All support
regarding these topics can be found at

What can you do when you are stuck and the manual does not appear to help? You may want to contact technical
support. , and its distributors worldwide, will help you with any technical problems you encounter. So that we
can help you as efficiently as possible, please keep in mind the following:


  • Please contact us (or your local distributor) in writing if possible - preferably by email. We do offer
    support by phone but problems with a package as complex as Cinema 4D may take more time to solve — it
    is not always possible to solve the problem on the phone. With email, however, our technicians can consult
    with colleagues for assistance — even the programmers if necessary — and get back to you as soon as
    possible. Email is also convenient for attaching an example of the problem and it may be helpful for us to
    send you a scene. 如果可能的话,请以书面形式联系我们(或当地的经销商)-最好是通过电子邮件。我们确实通过电话提供支持,但是像 Cinema 4D 这样复杂的软件包可能需要更多的时间来解决问题ーー通过电话解决问题并不总是可能的。然而,通过电子邮件,我们的技术人员可以咨询同事,如果有必要,甚至可以咨询程序员,并尽快与您联系。电子邮件也方便附上一个问题的例子,它可能有助于我们向您发送一个场景
  • Please keep support enquiries separate from other enquiries, orders,
    etc. 请将支援查询与其他查询、订单等分开处理
  • Please allow for a reasonable response time. 请允许一个合理的响应时间
  • Our customers are equally important and we
    will respond to you at the earliest opportunity.

    Occasionally, we may need to contact you for further details.


  • Please send an example scene to demonstrate the problem, if applicable. 如果可行的话,请发送一个示例场景来演示问题
  • When I
    click this button, I get a mess 当我点击这个按钮,我得到一个混乱
    . It is difficult to solve problems with such limited detail and
    sometimes we need to examine the problem scene. After all, we and our hard-working beta testers, have tested
    the functions many-a-time without finding a fault. .如此有限的细节很难解决问题,有时我们需要检查问题现场。毕竟,我们和我们努力工作的 beta 测试人员,已经多次测试了这些功能,没有发现任何缺陷

  • Please keep any example scenes as small and as
    relevant as possible. 请保持任何例子的场景尽可能小和相关
  • For example, if only an alloy wheel is required to demonstrate the problem, please
    delete the rest of the car — it merely gets in the way. This saves our time and in turn we can respond to
    your problem sooner. 例如,如果只需要一个合金车轮来演示这个问题,请删除汽车的其余部分ーー它只会碍事。这节省了我们的时间,反过来,我们可以更快地回应你的问题

  • Please supply us with a complete description of the relevant steps leading up to
    the problem. 请向我们提供导致问题的相关步骤的完整描述
  • Ideally, we would like a little 理想情况下,我们希望有一点recipe 配方 that generates the
    problem consistently. Please keep this concise. 请保持简明扼要

  • Include rendered images and/or screenshots if relevant.
    Please tell us which settings you used. 包括渲染图像和/或截图,如果相关。请告诉我们你使用的设置
  • Please tell us which programs you have running at the same
    time as Cinema 4D. If you are using macOS, please let us know which system extensions are
    loaded. 请告诉我们你们与C4D同时播放哪些节目。如果您正在使用 macOS,请让我们知道哪些系统扩展被加载
  • Sometimes, another program or a system extension (macOS) may cause a problem indirectly.

  • Please include details of your hardware configuration. 请包括硬件配置的详细信息
  • I have a
    Macintosh/PC 我有一台苹果电脑
    is of little help on its own. Also, please let us know which version of Cinema 4D
    you are using (choose Help / Info from the main menu; the version number is shown at the foot of the splash
    screen which appears; to close the splash screen, click it). If you have Internet access, please use the
    support form on our website ( Tell us what other programs and system extensions you are
    running concurrently with Cinema 4D.

  • If the program crashes a 如果程序崩溃recovery 恢复
    file will be created in most cases. This file will be saved to the 在大多数情况下,这个文件将被保存到_bugreports 布格雷波特
    folder, located in your user directory. Your scene can then be recovered using this file. Furthermore,
    reports will be generated that you can send to for possible resolution ( 文件夹,位于您的用户目录中。你的场景可以恢复使用这个文件。此外,将生成报告,您可以发送到可能的解决方案(Allow Bugreports 允许 Bugreports).
  • If you have Internet access, please check the FAQs on
    our website before you contact technical support. 如果您可以上网,请在联系技术支持之前查看我们网站上的常见问题解答
  • Often, you will find the answer in the FAQs. 通常,你会在常见问题中找到答案

  • Our
    service is limited to technical support only. We cannot undertake subcontracting. 我们的服务仅限于技术支持,不能转包
  • Can you build my spaceship model, please? 你能帮我做一个宇宙飞船模型吗?

    We must concentrate our resources on helping customers with genuine problems that are within the bounds of
    technical support. However, there are numerous web addresses where you can find additional help. Please
    visit our website ( for links to these valuable resources.




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